Centurion Market Makers

As an owner, you invest a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into growing your practice. Eventually, there comes a time to enjoy some of the fruits of that labour.

Selling your practice, or planning your succession is not something you do every day as an owner, and for first-timers, the environment can be unforgiving. You only get one chance to make a first impression with each acquirer or equity partner, and how you go about it - how organised and informed you are - impacts greatly your sale price, your risk, and how long it takes to get the deal done.

Chris Wrightson

Chris has seen this played out many times in a decade and a half of advising on financial planning practice transactions and for some of Australia's largest financial institutions. In 2008, he founded Centurion Market Makers to offer his experience and understanding of the dynamics of practice acquisition deals to help small to medium practice owners run a professional, efficient sale or succession that results in the best outcome.

Centurion Market Makers is a wealth management industry expert providing business broking services to owners of financial planning businesses, and specialist business advisory services to large practices and licensees.

Those services include:

  • Practice sale

  • Succession planning

  • Business valuation

  • Practice finance

For Chris, it's been a rewarding 30-year journey in the financial planning industry, since his start in 1987 as a self-employed adviser. His passion is shared by the Centurion Market Makers team: to help you realise the best financial outcome when it comes time to sell your practice.

Chris Wrightson