Practice valuation made simple.

Our Recurring Revenue Valuation will provide you with an objective, market value assessment of your practice, based on recurring revenue.

Designed and backed by the experts at Centurion Market Makers, advisors on well over half a billion dollars in financial planning practice sales.

  • Accurately value your practice, using the recurring revenue method
  • Maximise your valuation against 8 key drivers of buyer perception
  • Ensure objectivity and transparency with a structured methodology
  • Foster confidence in you and your business


What you get

Valuation Audit Questionnaire

A 20 point questionnaire with saveable progress, targeting the key criteria that drive buyers’ perception of value and risk. This helps us identify the real value in your business and provide the optimal valuation.

Expert Valuation Assessment

Using a recurring revenue valuation methodology proven over $500M+ in sale transactions, we will assess the results of your Valuation Audit and overlay our experience of current market trends and sale values.

Market Appraisal Valuation Report

A formal PDF report stating the valuation amount, the appraisal methodology used, and supporting analysis of financial performance, client revenue mix and other business specific variables material to the valuation.


Know where you stand. Know what your business is worth.

Clients have used our evaluations for:

  • Legal matters
  • Personal matters
  • Financing matters
  • Shareholder negotiation and succession
  • Sellers looking to validate a buyer’s offer

Our Recurring Revenue Valuation is ideal for circumstances where the business as a whole needs valuation, for example, where an owner is selling their client book.

  • Understand the true value of your practice

    While many owners understand that it’s a seller’s market, they are hamstrung by a lack of understanding of the true value of their practice. A formal valuation gives you certainty - whether you’re inviting offers for your practice, selling a share, or valuing the business for personal or legal reasons.

  • Present an objective, defensible valuation

    Being asked to value your business can be like being asked to value your family - most would say it’s priceless! Presenting an objective, transparent and structured valuation provides a realistic starting point for negotiations and removes much of the emotion in the process.


Jenny Brown, JBS Financial Strategists

"It was great the way Tim and his team engaged with my successors to understand their goals and aspirations. The result has been a cohesive succession plan which achieved all stakeholders objective over the medium term. We are looking forward to continue in working with Tim and his team on an ongoing basis to revise this plan and keep us on target."

David Brown, Stanford Brown

"Tim has assisted us recently us with a valuation of our practice. It was valuable to us for someone independent to perform a valuation. The process was transparent, inclusive and performed reasonably promptly. In his independent role he was able to raise important issues which internally are often difficult to do.

Tim met with the Board to fully consider all issues and explain his valuation methodology and report to all of the stakeholders. Tim has always been available to discuss other related issues which have arisen since and provide opinion and valuable feedback."

Adam Hinze, Harness Financial Services

"Tim and the Centurion team provide us with an annual valuation update of our practice. As part of this process Tim provides the whole team with feedback on where we are at and the challenges for our business.

We highly value this annual discussion and it keeps us thinking about the future of our business."



Recurring Revenue Valuation Report

$1,100 inc GST

An objective, multipage market value assessment of your practice, based on recurring revenue.

  • Valuation Audit Questionnaire
  • Market Appraisal Valuation Report in PDF
Buy now - risk free

Recurring Revenue Valuation Report + Strategy Session

$1,760 inc GST

Market Appraisal Valuation Report plus a strategy session to explore your practice sale or succession options.

  • Valuation Audit Questionnaire
  • Market Appraisal Valuation Report in PDF
  • Practice Sale or Succession Strategy Session
Buy now - risk free

Created by Chris Wrightson, Managing Director of Centurion Market Makers, and a 30 year veteran of financial planning practice acquisitions & management.

Chris has advised on sales and acquisitions with a combined value exceeding $500M and he is trusted by Australia’s largest financial institutions when they need advice on divestment or acquisition of advice businesses.

Chris brings his proven methodology and extensive industry contacts to bear in maximising the sale price, terms and timeframe for practice owners.


        30 Day Money Back Guarantee

        If you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back. That's it.

        • Zero risk

          Our Program comes with a powerful guarantee to let you try it risk-free. If in 30 days you don't feel satisfied, just email us at and we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

        • Stellar satisfaction rate

          Admittedly, it’s early days, but we are yet to be asked for a refund. But, if you find yourself feeling let down, no problem. Let us know and we'll refund you – again with no questions asked.


              Determine the true value of your financial planning practice.



              Q. Should I be opting for Profit valuation rather than a Recurring Revenue valuation?

              This Valuation Program uses a Recurring Revenue valuation methodology. Of the two valuation options, it's better suited to a whole of business valuation where annual revenue is under $2M. An EBIT or profit valuation is better suited where annual turnover exceeds $2M and a partial interest in the business is to be sold (eg shares) or where the valuation is in support a legal dispute. These scenarios have more complex considerations. If you're at all unsure, please email us.

              Q. What does the Expert Valuation Assessment involve?

              From our experience negotiating over half a billion in sale transactions, we have an intimate and current understanding of the market forces affecting the economics of practice valuations.

              Q. What does the Strategy Session involve?

              If you purchase Option 2, one of our advisers will meet with you via videoconference to develop a roadmap for your planned sale or succession, capitalising on the strengths of your practice, as determined in your valuation.

              Q. What if I buy the program and it's not right for me?

              We have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you just need to contact us within 30 days of buying the program and we’ll refund your investment.